Friday, January 26, 2007

new year

hello all i hope we all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.I 've been home a lot the past few months and its good and bad i guess but i'm really ready to get back out spreading the loves to my fans all over.I just finished the blues cruise with duwayne Burnisde and we rocked the boat and had a great time.I'm going to be doing some shows with him so stay tuned for that.People have often asked about the choir and with the time off im writing and trying to get everything together and ready by fall finally.Thanks so much for the support and i promise to write mo on my blog page from now on that i've figured it out.take care.


Blogger vanark said...

Good to hear from you Big Chew! Saw some pics of you playing with Duwayne last night at the Thirsty Hippo. Looks like it was a hoppin' time.

4:30 PM  
Blogger candise said...

Glad to see you writing....and hope to see you soon. LOVE!

11:02 AM  
Blogger TallgirlGrace said...

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11:57 PM  
Blogger TallgirlGrace said...

Hey Big C- miss hearing how you've been... You got a big ole heart and always make me smile. Life is good here. Lots of fun stuff going on- Feel like I'm getting old-which is bad but also good in a way... just taking a minute to wish you nothing but all good things- hope to see your smiley face out there somewhere doing your thing soon. You know I don't have a hard time popping up at random places. Keep in touch so we know where to catch you... Thanks again --for everything- but mainly for being such a cool dude, ... Come on back to Starkvegas whenever you feel like it- Love, your tall friend

12:01 AM  

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