Thursday, July 20, 2006


hey all,i was just sitting here at the hotel today and thinking what a great show i had last night.i really felt bad for the crowd as you could see they wanted to dasnce but it was a old theatre so they had to respect each other but we where on all points last nigth and john told great stories.well for all the fans that check this especially the ones that write on it love you all and keep spreading the word.much love,big chew


Blogger tpaden1976 said...

When have you EVER had a "bad" show big dog. Missin yall in Memphis this weekend with Panic in town but lookin forward to seeing you once you get back from Japan. Tell the brothers I said whas up and yall have a great time and give me a call when yall hit memphis ground again -- dinners on Chappell and me! --Todd

8:09 AM  
Blogger Dan said...


The Murphy boys will be in full Boogie mode in Jackson in Clarksdale. We're certain to be a few wore out big boys by the time Sunday rolls around. Hope you enjoyed the pic from Tipitina's. What a night/morning that was.

Take care, big man.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Pauli said...

Chris, you know Philly loves you too. Thanks for making Abbey's first show so much fun. See ya! PB

8:43 AM  

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