Thursday, August 10, 2006

home time

Well hello all big chew here i must say its good to be home for a little while resting the body after a busy summer.Last week we recorded a track for the band complilation cd with john hiatt and we had a blast doing it.I also got out last week to see some good live music in the city and i must say that there is real talent in the big city.A440 is a great dance band in the city good soul music if you are ever in Memphis and also Gamble Brothers band jazz funk and soul.I must admitt two of the best bands in the city so if you are ever around check them out.Oh i almost forgot i've been working a lot with a few churches since i've been home one in mississippi and one in West Memphis Arkansas working as music director and im in my zone.well untill next time.much love,big chew

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


hello my people i must say that its good to be home.So here we go i get on my plane to japan from atlanta and a lady with a baby sits beside me on the flight and for 5 hrs the kid and yell and drives me crazy but they finally moved her and the kid thanks i get to japan and get to my room for a day of and the shower is short and i raise my arm and i run it through the ceiling ouch,then i get in the bed short short short but i deal with show time and we rocked the people from japan through and after the show we do a instore at 2am in the morning and its packed we great people despite the lng day and thanks to all of you.i must admitt i had a better time this time because my mind was more open to what was going on.i want to thanks everyone over there thet took care of us.Acco you are the best.untill next time