Thursday, July 20, 2006


hey all,i was just sitting here at the hotel today and thinking what a great show i had last night.i really felt bad for the crowd as you could see they wanted to dasnce but it was a old theatre so they had to respect each other but we where on all points last nigth and john told great stories.well for all the fans that check this especially the ones that write on it love you all and keep spreading the word.much love,big chew

Monday, July 17, 2006

tour diary for chew

hello all its been a while for me since i wrote on my blog,i've had more computer problems than one man should have.not making excuses but show me a little slack.The tour with mr.Hiatt has really been a learning thing for me the past couple of summers and im grateful but last night had to topped it all off.i'm sitting backstage practicing scales and this guy walked in with a accordion and it was garth hudson from the band.I almost shit my paints but we had a blast.I must say that it was a great time minus being in this hot venue inn Kingston nyc but all and all it was great.well im going to try and keep this going so spread the word for me.thanks.much love big chew